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The next member of the Adscobar team that should be introduced is Tom, Affiliate Manager πŸ”₯ Know more about one of the most active managers ever in this post.

  1. 1Hi, Tom! Let’s start with a brief self-intro. How long have you been in affiliate marketing? Tell us how this all started 😎

Hi. I entered this industry over a year ago. At one point, I decided to radically change jobs and try Affiliate Marketing. And that turned out to be what I really wanted to do.

  1. 2 What are your main responsibilities at Adscobar?

The main responsibilities are the search for new partners, support and communication with existing ones. Also, it’s analysis and evaluation of traffic efficiency and quality, technical support and configuration of all kinds of integrations that may be needed.

  1. 3 What are the top 3 things you enjoy about your job?

  • First of all, itβ€²s a team. Since these are the people with whom you have to communicate 24/7 in addition to your partners.

  • Knowledge and experience. Here you can learn a lot that will be useful not only at work, but also in some life situations and future projects.

  • And of course money 😏

  1. 4Why did you choose crypto/fx vertical? Based on your experience, why is it better than gambling or dating?

It is definitely the most profitable vertical at the moment. Also, networks can compete with direct brands, which is very difficult in the gambling niche now, for example.

  1. 5I’m sure everyone is expecting to find some insights here :) Share please sources/funnels/approaches which are working best right now.

Now consistently high-quality conversion on Tier1. There is nothing new about the sources: all the same Facebook, Youtube, Google with successful stories, popular celebrities and make-money funnels.

  1. 6What makes Adscobar different from others?

I think this is our approach to each partner. The most profitable conditions for both parties, flexible types of payment and high-skilled support.

  1. 7 What are your plans for the Adscobar future?

Development of our network in all aspects πŸ”₯

Feel free to contact Tom directly:

email - [email protected]

telegram - tom_adscobar

skype - live:.cid.2ad9f841f5ae671c

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