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Hi! We’d like to introduce the Adscobar team to you 😎 The first one will be Anya, our Affiliate Team Lead.

  1. 1Hi, Anya! Let’s start with a brief self-intro. How long have you been in affiliate marketing? Tell us how this all started 🤓

In the affiliate field, I am for about 1,5 years. In the beginning, it was hard for the truth - because before that I was working in a brokerage company and had another angle of view on the crypto/FX vertical and traffic itself. Just 2-3 months after starting the Affiliate manager position, I took part in my first conference and I realized that it′s exactly what I am looking for.

  1. 2What are your main responsibilities at Adscobar?

I am leading the team of Crypto affiliate managers. That means that I am taking care of the crypto team itself: their needs and requests; also supporting their communication with other departments. As well I have some routine things to do, like reports, KPIs, meetings, etc.

  1. 3What are the top 3 things you enjoy about your job?

  • People

There is no way to be a part of the cpa market and sit alone with a bottle of vine. You will always be a part of some discussion, activity, fun, or even arguing, whatever.

  • Conferences and meetups

I enjoy this part of my responsibilities even if it′s hard sometimes to be alive after 3 days of preparties and afterparties. You have an amazing opportunity to meet people you are working with face to face all over the world 😍

  • Profits

Nothing to add here, it′s just profitable 🤑

  1. 4Why should affiliates choose the crypto/FX vertical? Why is it better than gambling, for example?

The first thing is Payout for FTD. For Crypto, the payout is the highest one according to other verticals.

If we are talking about creatives, for example, they are partially similar to gambling, and the conversion rate is pretty equal as well.

Also, crypto promotion is much more connected to the news around the market, which makes this vertical for me much more interesting and needs more skills.

  1. 5I’m sure everyone is expecting to find some insights here. Share please sources/funnels/GEOs which are working best right now 💸

About angles: it′s always "make money" success stories or crypto funnels, trading bots.

Potential leads want to have a guarantee, that it′s a no-risk place to make money, and that tomorrow they will buy a red Ferrari.

About traffic sources: Google, Youtube, Facebook.

If we are talking about GEOs it depends. First of all, before the russian invasion of Ukraine, the russian market was big, but now it′s closed. Tier 1 geos are still interesting and profitable, but I recommend trying Asia and Latam countries as well.

  1. 6What makes Adscobar different from others?

First of all people here ❤️, then 24/7 support from skilled affiliate managers that really cares, then easy and fast payments. Just try it, and you will find out.

  1. 7What are your plans for the Adscobar future?

To build strong connections for the highest results and support for our affiliates ❤️

Feel free to contact Anya directly:

email - [email protected]

telegram - ann_adscobar

skype - live:.cid.5a43b4be74d38ba

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