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Hi all! Today we'd like to introduce a member of the beautiful part of our Affiliate Team — Darina 🥰

In this post, you'll know more about a person who is always ready to offer you the best deals on the market, help with integration and boost your profits 🤝

  1. 1Hi, Darina! Let’s start with a brief self-intro. How long have you been in affiliate marketing? Tell us how this all started 😎

I’ve been working in affiliate marketing for 2 years. I started as a junior affiliate manager in a financial CPA network and worked with payday loan offers. Unfortunately, the loan market fell rapidly in 2022 and I decided to change my field of activity dramatically. I have no regrets because crypto is an interesting and profitable area.

  1. 2 What are your main responsibilities at Adscobar?

My main task is to find new partners and maintain communication with current ones. Searching for profitable deals, assistance in setting up advertising campaigns and help with choosing GEOs - that's all my tasks. Let's make a profit together! 😏

  1. 3 What are the top 3 things you enjoy about your job?

  • Communication with people

I'm an extrovert and I love talking to people. Every affiliate is an interesting person in his own way. Everyone needs a different approach and this is insanely inspiring.

  • Team

We have a great team at Adscobar. I like to communicate with colleagues and learn something new in affiliate marketing every day.

  • Events

Events are a unique advantage of working in affiliate marketing. Сonferences are fiull of networking and exciting experiences. And it is also a great opportunity to see new places and countries around the world.

  1. 4Why did you choose crypto/fx vertical? Based on your experience, why is it better than payday loan offers?

Crypto is a much more profitable vertical than payday loan offers. Rates for loan offers are from $10 to $50 for CPA. As for crypto, you can unlikely find a rate lower than $300 for FTD. Therefore, the ROI in crypto is much higher than in other niches. However, high payouts are complicated by some difficulties: high competition in the advertising market, restrictions on caps and working hours of call centers.

  1. 5It’s already a tradition to share insights here :) What can you say about sources/funnels/approaches which are working best right now?

Now, most of the traffic goes to Tier1 countries such as Canada, Australia, Spain, France and Germany. Crypto and Tesler funnels show the highest CR on these GEOs. Trends in funnels have shifted from Forex theme to Crypto due to the high interest in crypto ups and downs. I would also advise paying attention to exotic GEOs: Asia, Latham, Africa. Crypto and make-money funnels work there as well.

  1. 6What makes Adscobar different from others?

Fast and high-quality support from managers who will help you with launching campaigns and finding the best deals on the market. With us, each affiliate will be able to drive traffic in the most profitable way!

  1. 7 What are your plans for the Adscobar future?

Make more and more profit with partners and grow professionally in affiliate marketing 🔥

Feel free to contact Darina directly:

email - [email protected]

telegram - darina_adscobar

skype - live:.cid.605498dba8be2f13

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