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Hi! The Adscobar team prepared this material for those who wanted to try crypto/fx vertical but didn’t know how to start.

Let’s look through the most popular sources for this niche (spoiler: all the same 😅).



This social media is an ideal traffic source almost for all verticals. Besides, Facebook is famous for plenty of difficulties when it comes to black products and also for high expenses when we’re talking about crypto products.

More expenses can happen because of searching for relevant audiences. There are more and more people interested in cryptocurrencies and investing in them but not each of them can make a $1k deposit right now.


Here we should begin with understanding the audience profile you want to catch. Of course, statistics show increasing interest in the crypto/fx sphere not only among educated and rich men over 40 but among millennials, too.

Potential leads are getting younger so you definitely should remember about social media “for teens” such as TikTok. Besides, you can try it for driving crypto/fx traffic even now but it can take a lot of time before you get your first deposits.


With Google Ads or UAC you get the ability to scale your campaigns as much as you can. It constantly brings you the most valuable leads that are ready to deposit a lot and fast.

What difficulties do we have here? As well as all sources with high-quality traffic reject promoting cryptocurrencies and related things, Google needs specific approaches. Using Android Apps in the funnel is a quite good and successful practice.


Creatives demonstrating a lot of money with catchy headlines about someone’s success will increase your CTR on Taboola or MGID instantly. Usually, such campaigns direct the audience on prelandings with a story or article about a person who made a fortune thanks to our offer.

Other sources & Funnels

The Adscobar managers highly recommend not to forget about such tools as push and pop-up notifications, email senders and SEO. Based on our experience, it’s hard to reach positive ROI only by using one source. It worked a few years ago. Now you should not only move your audience among offers but warm up it before.


Thus, you see that there’s almost nothing new and unique for crypto/fx vertical. Our advice is to learn your audience and make your strategy complex by using not only one source and a funnel for it.

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